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Just as no other skin food has the antioxidant benefits of Green Tea Matcha, Manuka Honey is the potent King of Antibiotics. The leaves of the Manuka Tree have been known for centuries among indigenous tribes of New Zealand and southern Australia for their healing powers.

In the land of (coconut) milk and honey, Manuka reigns supreme. The bees that produce this golden nectar procure their pollen from the Manuka Bush (also known as the New Zealand Tea Tree). The nutrients of the tea tree help give Manuka its amazing healing and nutritive qualities. Without the tea tree, the honey wouldn’t pack its powerful antibacterial powers, which are second to none for skincare & healthcare.

Manuka Honey’s abundance of MGO (methylglyoxal) powers its antimicrobial benefits, helping to heal wounds, repair tissue, and fight wrinkles and inflammation. It’s also packed with essential minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and B vitamins, which make it a leading ingredient in our skincare.


ANTI-BACTERIAL properties in Manuka Honey prevent fungal and bacterial growth to aid in the treatment of acne, blackheads, and blemishes for healthier and toned skin. While aiding in skin cellular regeneration, it also helps to reduce pore size as it flushes away toxins and clears up problematic patches.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY benefits improve skin texture and elasticity for firmer and healthier looking skin. Live enzymes promote skin repair and help to reduce the appearance of scarring, while working wonders on dry and cracked skin.


DEEP MOISTURIZATION – Amino acids provide superior hydration, penetrating deep within the skin for long lasting moisturization—nourishing and conditioning the skin for a healthy glowing complexion. Experience the benefits first-hand and risk-free with our Coconut Milk & Manuka Honey Moisture Cream.

VITAMINS B AND C protect skin from sun damage while boosting collagen production. They also help to prevent rosacea, acne, eczema, and dermatitis


Coconut Milk + Manuka Honey Cream Cleanser

Coconut Milk + Manuka Honey Moisture Cream