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Frequently Asked Questions


We believe in using the best phytonutrients (or “skin food”) from Mother Nature that deliver the best results for the health and vitality of your skin. Many of our core ingredients are derived from Asia, which distinguishes us in a way, but more and more brands are tapping into the time-tested organics that originate from the East. We hand pick ingredients, such as Gotu Kola and Japanese Knot Root and others, not because they sound exotic, but because they are proven to be the most effective to cleanse, purify, moisturize, nourish, and protect your skin. We combine these nutrients with modern science to provide you with the best products for your skin –purely, naturally, and effectively.

No, we only test our products on mean people. Just kidding. Our products are 100% cruelty free, never tested on animals, and vegan friendly. We love our furry friends, many of whom we share our homes with (and vice versa), and would never harm them.

Based on our naturally gentle formulas, our skincare products are safe and effective for all skin types. They’re also age and gender neutral. We like to keep things inclusive.

No. Our products are free of harmful ingredients or unnatural fillers.

In order for a product to receive the USDA Certified Organic seal, it needs to be 95% organic and not contain any ingredients that are excluded from the USDA’s approved list. Some ingredients, such as Manuka honey and minerals aren’t eligible for USDA certification. There are currently no regulatory requirements for a product to be identified as natural.

While skin allergies are very rare (less than 1%), when using any new skincare product, it’s wise to test a small amount on your inner wrist, which is more sensitive. If an irritation occurs, discontinue use and contact a physician if/as needed. Please be sure to check directions for each product, which are labeled directly on the product and also on our website.

After opening, our products have a 12-month shelf life. They’re best stored at room temperature, above 40 degrees and below 80 degrees, and away from direct sunlight.


Yes, we have a FREE VIP CLUB that offers a 20% coupon towards your next purchase and exclusive monthly coupons. VIP members are also the first to be notified of new product promotions and free product giveaways that we love doing.

We don’t currently offer product samples. But you can try our products risk-free with the 30-day product return guarantee via