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Is the cuke a vegetable or fruit? Chefs say vegetable. Scientists say fruit. Whichever food category you prefer, Cucumber provides manifold skincare benefits for everything from hydrating the skin and building collagen…to fighting the signs of aging…to treating acne, scars, and laugh lines…to reducing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Wow! What’s best, the cucumber doesn’t discriminate between skin types.

We use Cucumber in our Green Tea Eyes Creme for the vast amount of antioxidants and replenishing properties it provides. When the high concentrations of ascorbic acid and antioxidants in Cucumber are combined with the Queen of Antioxidants, Green Tea Matcha, you simply can’t beat this matcha made in heaven.


Do you have dull and gloomy skin? Are you not so fine with your fine lines? Crow’s feet becoming Ostrich feet? Seek comfort in the Cucumber. Its abundance of the protein elastin (which maintains elasticity of the skin) tightens and tones, promotes cell renewal, and builds collagen for plumper and smoother skin.


Cucumber’s hydrating and moisturizing qualities are also superior in maintaining younger looking skin. Strong in potassium anti-hyaluronidase activity, Cucumber keeps the enzyme hyaluronidase from degrading hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in the body that helps draw moisture to the skin, thereby boosting water retention to keep your skin soft and supple.


High quantities of antioxidants and vitamins in Cucumber promote DNA repair and fight free radicals (sun, pollution, environmental toxins) that lead to early aging and skin damage. These include Vitamins A, B, and C as well as Caffeic Acid, which help treat irritated skin, hydrating and soothing it for optimal softness and pliability. Cucumber’s antioxidants, coupled with its ability to lower sebum levels, make it great at fighting acne, blackheads, and blemishes. The oily substance that sebaceous glands in your skin release collects and clogs up skin follicles, leading to eruptions in the form of acne.

FLAVONOIDS are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits. Along with carotenoids, they make up the vivid colors you see in vegetables and fruits and are the largest group of phytonutrients (more than 6,000 types). They reduce inflammation and shrink dilated blood vessels, decreasing swelling and puffiness around the eyes while providing a soothing, cooling effect. They also help to remove the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.


Green Tea Eyes Creme